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Another proddy rug done

MJ Purple Jubilee #2

Last night I finished this proddy rug and I’m calling it Purple Jubilee #2. The very best part about proddy rugs is that, once you push that last piece of wool through the backing, you are done. No hemming, whipping or anything else to finish the edges! So one goes from “Still working on it” to “Done” instantly. Nice!

Seemed like it took a very long time (and a lot of wool) to finish it, but I’d promised it to be part of the League of NH Craftsmen’s “Living with Crafts” exhibit at the big fair this August. I had started it to use in doing a proddy demo at the Green Mountain Rughooking Guild’s exhibit in October… I picked a really simple design to use while demonstrating the proddy technique. Then I set it aside to work on another project, picked it up again for a while, then set it aside again for something else. So this time I just soldiered on til it was done.

Here’s a photo of the back of the rug – with proddy, the design is much clearer on the back, since the long wool pieces go all floppy (in the nicest possible way) on the front:
MJ Purple Jubliee #2

If you’d like to see more proddy rugs, check my Gallery page, but if you’d like to get a better idea of how they are made, watch this YouTube video (about 4 min. long) by the prominent teacher and rugmaker from the north of England, Heather Ritchie:

And also check out Heather’s own website at
http://www.rugmaker.co.uk. Thanks to Heather, and also a rughooker’s tip of the hat to Eileen Scholes, of Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, who taught me this wonderful traditional form of rag rugmaking.

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