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A great small town hooking day

image springfield

Yesterday Caye Currier and Cyndy Duade hosted their annual Springfield, NH hook-in. It was held at their town library, and all the funds raised – from the small entry fee, silent auction and a live auction (patterns, and some great frames) – went to benefit the library. At the end of the day, it came to over $900 raised, as well as a good supply of food gathered for the local food pantry.

But for all of us it was just a wonderful day of hooking, with rughookers from the surrounding towns, and friends from further afield. As you see in the photo above, there were beautiful rugs on display. And there were plenty of home-made snacks, too. And of course, Cyndy brought a good supply of her hand dyed wool to admire and browse through:

image springfield

In addition to many door prizes of wool, (including many “Dorr prizes” – thank you, Dorr Mill Store!) one of the attendees donated many of these cute little wool wreath ornaments she had made:


And between them, Cyndy and Caye managed to make one of these wonderful wool rose pins for each rughooker in attendance:


Here are a few of the rugs on display I really admired. First, by Sandy Ducharme, of Cabot, VT, these incredible Christmas stockings:

image springfield

What beautiful work, Sandy! And here is a lovely cat’s paw design from Sandy Watkins, of Southwick, MA:


And finally, here is a charming rug done by Helen Johnson, of Williamstown, VT:


I know Caye and Cyndy work really hard to get everything organized for this Springfield hook-in each year, and it is usually the first hooking event around here after a long winter, since it is always held in March – on the cusp of winter and spring. And I just hope they both know how much we all look forward to it all winter, and how much we enjoy it on the day!

Photos of rugs used with permission…thanks Sandy, Sandy and Helen!


  • Kathy O'Donnell says:

    Beautiful rugs! The detail on Sandy’s stocking are amazing. Are all attendees invited to bring rugs? If so, how do they ever manage that job? Kudos to both ladies for a job well done.

    • mjanep says:

      Yes, Kathy, everyone is invited to bring rugs, and Caye and Cyndy have a good system of clips along one wall. Seeing the rugs is always one of the highlights, and everyone who brings a rug is invited to tell a little something about their pieces, too!

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