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Another “Going, Going, Gone” post

By July 5, 2016 Antique rugs, Color 7 Comments


Here is a quite old rug done from the famous Bluenose pattern, from the Garrett/ Bluenose pattern company. And it’ll be auctioned off by Eldred’s, of East Dennis, MA on August 4th (10 am).

Here’s the only description given:
Lot 697: PICTORIAL HOOKED RUG Circa 1940. 24.5″ x 39.5″
Depicts the sailing vessel “Bluenose”. Estimate: $150-$250.

This pattern is still available for sale, since the folks at Rags To Rugs, in Pictou Nova Scotia, did heroic work in saving and restoring them. I know several people who have hooked it or are about to, so thought they would enjoy seeing this older hooked version. What strikes me is the monotone of it – sky all one solid light blue, sea another darker blue, sails all the same white. Maybe in 1940 a hooker just used the colors of wool she had, but it could also be that the all-solid-color was a reaction against the patchy look of still older rugs.

Still, I can’t imagine any hooker today not putting in a lot of shades of blues for the sky and sea, with some swirliness going on.

Is “swirliness” a real word? Maybe not til now, but I bet you know what I mean! If you’d like to see the Bluenose pattern itself, or a great comtemporary version of it (by Sarah Jansen), look back at my May 3rd blog post, here.

Here is another rug that will be sold in the same auction:


This is Lot 695, Description: MOUNTED PICTORIAL HOOKED RUG 24.75″ x 39″
Depicts a house and tree along a river bend. Early 20th century. Estimate: $250-$350.

In this one, we see only a little variation in color, and judging by the odd greens of the trees and the color of the river, I wouldn’t be surprised if the wools had faded quite a bit. You’d have to look at the colors on the back of the rug to check. Still, it’s a very pretty rug that someone worked hard to get right.

Here is one more rug from the same Aug. 4 auction at Eldred’s, this one Lot 689:


Description: GRENFELL PICTORIAL HOOKED RUG 30.5″ x 22.5″
Depicts a map of Labrador and Newfoundland with a whale, lighthouses, kayaker, teepees and more. Estimate: $400-$700

I confess I am not a big fan of Grenfell rugs – usually they are just too bland and dark for me, but I know how historically interesting they are to many people, and as you can see from the higher price estimate, very collectible.

And finally, here is the “Gone” rug referred to in this post’s title: a rug that I just fell in love with. It was sold from an auction by Material Culture last November:


The description was: Antique American Hooked Rug: 2’10” x 4’6″ (86 x 137 cm). Provenance: Kristina Barbara Johnson Estate, Princeton, New Jersey. – and it sold for only $218.75.

I’m not sure what makes me love this rug so much. The design, the colors (though they are more muted than what I am usually drawn to), that tweedy background, even the bit of lopsidedness to the edges are all, to me, completely endearing.

Photos are courtesy of the auction houses, online at www.eldreds.com and www.materialculture.com. And Garrett’s Bluenose patterns are available at www.ragstorugs.com, in Nova Scotia.


  • Deborah Palmer says:

    Wonderful post! And every time I see that Blue Nose pattern, I want to pick up the phone and call and buy it. Should have when I was up there last year. Thanks for showing these old beauties. Every time you do, I wonder what those makers would think of how it’s being sold (even for what I consider small money for the time, work and love), and how people can now see them on a machine in their house, and are still making rugs, even though we don’t have to! Thanks for sharing them.

  • Betsy Boltik says:

    I so enjoying seeing the old rugs. Keep posting.
    Thank you!

  • Mary Miller says:

    I tried the link to Sarah’s previous posted rugs. It worked! Great job!

  • jeni says:

    Interesting, as always. I love Grenfell rugs – for exactly the reasons your not so crazy about them. The tweedy rug – well, I sure wouldn’t have fought you over it at the auction.

    • Mary Jane Peabody says:

      Well that’s interesting! I was so crazy over the tweedy one, and the Grenfell – eh. Funny…

  • Jeni says:

    That’s what makes the world go round….and round. ….and round.

  • Weezie Huntington says:

    Wonderful blog. thanks for all the posts

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