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Have a Wooly Good Christmas!

By December 15, 2016 Color, Creativity, Textiles 3 Comments


Well here in New Hampshire, the weather is turning beastly, nasty cold – wind chill factors reaching -28 (F°) below zero. So it’s a very good day to stay inside, and a good day to show you how easy it is to make one of my favorite Christmas decorations – little garlands/streamers of wool.


If you are like me, you have pile of wool in bright plaids – from those 100% wool plaid skirts you find in thrift shops and can’t bear to leave behind. They are perfect for this, since bright plaids are not all that easy to incorporate in your average pictorial or landscape rugs. Use two or three colors of wool, maybe the bright plaid, or two contrasting plaids, and some red, or white.

First, cut your wool up into little squares, 1 1/2″ or 2″ squares will work fine. In the photo above, the thicker one is made of 2″ squares, and the littler one is of 1 1/2″ squares. For goodness sakes, do not start obsessing about if your little pieces are perfectly measured squares! You want a consistent width, but a little variation adds to the texture of the garland!

Keep each color in a separate pile:


Thread a needle with about three feet of thread, and first sew a small button or bead onto the end, to secure the garland end. Then just fold each little wool piece, first diagonally (into a triangle), then again in half the other way, and just go through the center with your needle and thread. Just keep adding the little pieces to your thread, just like you were stringing beads. Alternate between your three colors of wool to make a nice pattern:


Keep the sections you are working with fairly short, like 2′ or 3′, just for ease of working, and then at the end, you can just tie the sections together to make nice, long garlands. Be sure to begin and end each section with a little button or bead, to secure the wool pieces on the thread. Here is a photo of the 15-foot garland I hang from the beam in my kitchen each year:


And I have a shorter one just laid along the fireplace mantel:

This is brainless-easy, and once you get your piles of little squares cut (or ripped), easy to do as you are watching a movie or something.

I have some of these garlands I have used for years now, and they hold up very well. When hanging them, I just loop them over small nails or pushpins along the window sills, and you could easily use them as a Christmas tree garland.

Have a wooly good Christmas, everyone, and stay warm!


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