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Creative Color!

By April 8, 2017 Color, Creativity One Comment

Ah! After the last blog post about Matisse, and exploring outside your color comfort zone, I was delighted to hear from Heather Wright, of Hemmingford, Quebec. She described how she had hooked a portrait of her chocolate lab dog, using mostly purples and mauves. So of course I wanted to see a picture of it!

Heather wrote the story of this lovely rug:

Back in October 2014 I took a class with Diane Phillips at the Hooked in the Mountains. The class was titled “Pet Portrait in a Day.” I never finished the rug I started in class and ended up transferring a photo of my dog that I really liked onto some linen. My dog Roxy, a chocolate Lab, is a Therapy Dog…hence the red scarf.

The mat (approx. 18” x 18”) is hooked in a #8 cut. There may be some smaller cuts in the nose, but basically a #8 in wool that I had on hand. I have a tendency towards “bright” colours. Life is too short for so much brown. Smile…

The right side of the rug showing the “light” is mostly in different shades of purple/mauve. The only real solid brown on the dog are her shoulders. The background wool is from the class, and worked out perfectly. It is a very light mottled mossy green.”

Life is too short for so much brown. I’m going to remember that!

Heather, thanks so much for sending along this perfect example of the beautiful result when you let color out to play!

This is, of course, Heather’s own design, and so is protected by copyright. But you can use it as encouragement, all you want!

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