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Best Rug Photos Award!

This year’s Best Rug Photos Award goes to Leah Karo, a rughooker from Pennsylvania. True, I just made that award up, but when have you seen a more creative and charming photo of a rug on display? That’s Leah’s horse Spirit, (who will be celebrating his 14th birthday this week) and he seems quite content to help show off Leah’s rug!

Leah comes from a family of rughookers, starting with her great-grandmother, who hooked rugs in her native Nova Scotia. Her mother, Irene, has been hooking rugs for about 50 years, and now aged 89, has stopped dyeing her own wool, but is still hooking. Now Leah’s son is at it, too. Let’s pause here and send Easter greetings to Irene, and take a look at one of her many wonderful rugs:

Leah herself started braiding rugs, but then turned to hooking. She writes, “Twenty-five years later, I create my own designs and dye my own wool. I love to see a rug in creation, to feel the wool slipping through my fingers to become a beautiful piece of art. I think that is what we all get out of rug hooking – a creation of our own, an original work of art.” Leah now runs Wooley Mountain Rug Works, where she sells patterns, finished rugs, and takes commissions.

Here is another lovely photo of Leah with a big geometric rug, taken at the Quabbin Reservoir:

Here is a closer-up view of the rug itself:

Credit for the lovely photographs goes to Michelle Benoit, her daughter-in-law. Leah writes, “She is very good at photography and will take a hundred photos to get just the right one.” Here is one more example of Michelle’s rug photography, showing off Leah’s Sunflower Trellis rug (a Fraser pattern):

Leah’s rugs and patterns can be found online at wooleymountainrugworks.com. She has mandalas, geometrics, floral, and (my favorites) a series of “Majic Carpet” designs. I will leave you with a photo of her finished pattern, Majic Carpet #3:

Many thanks to Leah, for letting me share her work with you here. Her designs are her own, and both patterns and photos are protected by copyright. So look and enjoy, but, of course, do not copy.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, everyone!


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