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Stopped by for a good visit

The other day I was up in Vermont, and decided to drive a few miles more to see if there was anyone home at Lucille Festa’s Lollipop Farm, in East Rupert, VT. I was lucky – the studio was dark, but when I knocked on the house door, Lucille came out and said she’d be happy to open it up and let me look at her wool! Happy me!

She showed me all around the home of American Country Rugs, including her most recent rug, shown above. The studio was warm from the stove on a chilly day:

and there was plenty of Lucille’s hand-dyed wool to look at, touch, consider and, basically, revel in:

It was wonderful to meet Lucille after seeing photos of her rugs for many years, and we talked about rughooking, making patterns, websites and blogging. The studio, she said, was pretty tidy because the following day (yesterday), she was holding an open house there, and today, was hosting a big hook-in in nearby Manchester, VT. So my timing could have been better if I had known, but I was happy to wander the studio by myself, and have a nice visit. Lucille showed me all around, and I loved seeing the many rugs and patterns she sells, hearing of how she cleans the baskets hanging from the beams, and, of course, finally deciding on and buying some wool.

Lucille’s website is at americancountryrugs.com, and if I had checked it before I went, maybe I’d have been able to go to the hook-in. But if you around the Manchester/Dorset VT area, check the website and stop by the studio, or go there on purpose to take a class. You will find it feels like a wonderful rughooking home.

Thanks for letting me make an impromptu visit, Lucille, and I am sure everyone there is having a great time today at your hook-in!

The rug designs shown are Lucille’s own, and so protected. Check out her website for many great primitive and country patterns.

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  • tom mcnerney says:

    *****thanks for the pictures…aren’t Lucille’s rugs wonderful! I was scheduled to go to the open house and hook-in but recovering from surgery
    and still unable to be out and about. hopefully next month…I have been out of commission for nearly two years. hope you are well!

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