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By March 28, 2015 About the blog 5 Comments



My website and blog are back, once again thanks to Jakob Ollén, master designer! I thought I would let Ruby the Cat welcome you back, since she spends so much time watching me hook, and sitting in my baskets of wool.

There will be a few tweeks left to finessing the site design, but once you and I get to know our way around, this will be a great improvement, I think! For one thing, I am writing this post on my tablet, not having to sit in the back room where my desktop is! There will be a way for you to get new posts emailed to you, or just to follow the blog on your reader. And all of the 2+ years of older blog posts, on rughooking, color, design and life, are again at your fingertips, in the archives.

Thanks so much for finding, or re-finding my blog. Whee!



  • Bev Delyea says:

    Yipee–I’m that happy that you’ve gotten your website/blog/gallery all back! Or should I say “welcome back.”
    Say, that is such a fantastic photo of Ruby-Cat in the basket of material, how about doing a rug of it–can that be done?
    Looking forward to seeing more from you.
    PS I haven’t touched my blog in several years and wondering if I should start up some posts again. Watching how you handle your blog and what you post might help me settle that–do it or dump it!

  • Deb Palmer says:

    Oh, it’s SO wonderful to see the blog again!!! And, Miss Ruby, of course! I missed it so much, but it sounds like now it may be a bit more efficiently created by you too. Many, many thanks to Jakob also, for facilitating this, and rescuing the old posts!

  • Deb Palmer says:

    And for adding a place to get an email notice of new posts!

  • Kay says:

    yay!… Glad to see you are BACK! And this just reminded me that I owe you an email…

  • sharon says:

    I am enjoying your blog with all the information.

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