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Books and Hooks

By May 17, 2015 Books, Making rugs No Comments

Treasure Island Librivox

Many of us hook our rugs as we listen to TV, music or the radio. And I mentioned a while ago that when you are doodling, it helps to be doing something else too, that engages your brain so your hand can just do its own thing.

I love audiobooks. And I just found a great, free source of thousands of them. Librivox is a source of copyright-free books which have been recorded by volunteers, and archived. From Treasure Island and Jane Eyre to Mark Twain and P.G. Wodehouse, there are many, many wonderful books here.

You can download a book, or just listen to it immediately online. You can search by category, author or title. Humor, history, mystery, adventure, science fiction, romance, biography – and virtually all of the classics, from Moby Dick to Sherlock Holmes.

So the next time you are settling down to hook, check to see if yours is an Anne of Green Gables sort of rug… and start listening as you work. Here is the link:

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