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A new rug and a great article


Two quick things to show you today. First, this is the rug I just finished. It was designed as a teaching piece by Cyndy Duade, of Springfield, NH, for the class in wide-cut crewel hooking for our NH ATHA group, White Mountain Woolen Magic. I used a #6 cut, but others used #8 cuts. Cyndy dyed a lot of wool for all the people who signed up for the class, and the design was lovely to work on.

For me, the most interesting part was using the dip-dyed wool for the center of the top flower. I just had never used a dip-dyed wool before, and it was so cool to watch the color transition hook itself in!

And for the interesting article, this piece, titled The Harvard Library That Protects The World’s Rarest Colors appeared recently on fastcodesign.com, written by Diana Budds.


The article is about the rare colors in the vault of Harvard’s storied pigment library, which include beetle extracts, poisonous metals, and human mummies. A fascinating look into the history of color pigment history, and only about a five minute read:


Photo of glass pigment containers courtesy of Jenny Stenger, © President and Fellows of Harvard College


  • Sheila k says:

    Lovely design and colors

  • jeni` says:

    So pretty. Wouldn’t have guessed it was a Mary Jane rug. (not that yours aren’t pretty – just different) I also enjoyed a class by Cyndy when she came to our Tin Pedlars ATHA group, and we hooked a leaf. It was my first time also and I enjoyed it.
    (They say you never forget your first time)

  • Dania Joe says:

    yes, its great post . It’s inspiring me!

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