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Antique rugs on the block

By September 25, 2016 Antique rugs, Composition 2 Comments

image Garth's

A beautiful Sunday! Maybe you have time to read a blog entry, and maybe you are busy hooking or out enjoying the late September sunshine. But whenever you get to this, let’s look at a few antique rugs. All these rugs are coming up for sale (or just got sold) at auction. Above you can see Lot 1250A: TWO FOLKSY RUGS, from Garth’s Auctioneers, (Oct. 7, 1 pm) in Delaware, Ohio. Both have great colors. Here is the auctioneer’s description:
American, 1st quarter-20th century. Penny rug with pointed ends in red, gold, green, grey, etc., 33″ x 50″, and a hooked rug with flowers, 20″ x 50″. Estimate: $100 – $200.

Here is another great antique rug sold by Garth’s on Sept.10th:

image Garth's

Oh, boy… this is my favorite kind of antique rug. Clearly drawn in the most primitive style, capturing what seem to be beloved dogs, with that patchy look that signals (to me) that the hooker just used the materials she had on hand. And the hit-or-miss sections are great! This was described as: AMERICAN FOLKSY HOOKED RUG. Early 20th century. Rug has hearts, stars, horseshoe, and dogs, “Bob” and “Rose”. 27″h. 64″w. Sorry, it does not say what the sale price was.

Here is a hooked rug up for sale on Oct 2 (11 am) by Jenack Auctioneers, in Chester, NY. It is just described as: Lot 336, VINTAGE “PIG” HOOKED RUG. 23 X 34″. Estimate: $50-$100. Notice how the checkerboard red border color draws your eye to the pig’s red nose…

image Jennack Auctioneers

Here is another, well, let’s say “unique” rug, sold by Kaminski Auctions in Glocester, MA back on Sept. 17th. No info on it, but worth seeing – rughookers do have a sense of humor!

image Kaminski

Finally, I saw this painting in the Oct. 29 (1 pm) auction at Bakker Auctions, Provincetown, MA:

image Bakker auctions

Lot 18: NICOLETTA POLI (1958-2014), Hooked Rug, 1996, Oil on canvas. Estimate: $800-$1,200.

What first interested me about this painting was that it is so clearly a braided rug, not a “hooked” rug! But the more I looked at it, I was impressed by the perspective the artist used. I would tend (if planning out such a design) to do a straight-on sketch of the dog laying on the rug, but Poli used almost a bird’s eye view, and added to the composition by having the dog on the diagonal, encircled by the curves of the rug. A good example of creative composition, I think!

All photos above are used courtesy of the auction houses, and the photos gelong to them, not you or me! Garth’s is online at www.garths.com, Kaminski Auctions is online at www.kaminskiauctions.com, and Bakker Auctions is online at www.bakkerproject.com. Janack Auctions is online at www.jenack.com.

Hope you get to hook a little today!


  • Mary Miller says:

    The perspective on that last rug was really something different to see. Very interesting design. At any rate, thank you for showing all of these wonderful rugs. I enjoyed reading the blog and seeing the rugs! Thank you!

  • jeni says:

    Love seeing pictures of old rugs. I’m always amazed at how little they go for.

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