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Hooked In The Mountains


I spent all day yesterday at the Green Mountain Rughooking Guild’s rug show, and happily I had enough time to go through the whole show several times. What a great experience!

I am a bit overwhelmed trying to think of how to write about it. There were many large rugs that were drop-dead gorgeous, and many more rugs that were maybe smaller and more subtle, but very beautiful indeed. And there were so many rugs from people who were exploring in new directions, experimenting, and just letting their creativity loose.

Here are three such rugs. First, look at this rug, “Paradise” by Kris McDermet, of Dummerston, VT. She encorporated both braiding and hooking, with free-form shapes, and used a silk quilted background embellished with bead. Wow:


And here is a rug from Grace Collette, of Chester, NH. It is called “Nouveau”, and Grace writes that she was trying to stretch her creativity by using many stitches and materials, while limiting her color palette:


And here is a close-up of one corner, showing Grace’s lovely use of the sculpted Waldoboro technique:

And for today, one more piece that I thought was really touching. Kathy O’Donnell, of North Hero, VT, made two of these hooked pieces after her mother died – one for each of her daughters – using some of her mother’s jewelry to create these momentos:



One of the wonderful things about the show is that each day, there are several Artist’s Talks. What a direct way to learn more about the creative process, and the personal stories behind some of the rugs! I was lucky enough to be there for an Artist’s Talk by Liz Alpert Fay, one of this year’s featured artists. No rugs are made in a vacuum, and it was fascinating to hear Liz speak about her different rugs, and how events in her life has influenced and changed her goals for each of her rugs, and her approach to making them.


Rug exhibits, big or small, don’t happen by themselves, and the GMRHG Board and many, many volunteers are the people who made this inspiring event happen. From checking rugs in, tracking them, hanging them (so beautifully), creating labels, scheduling artists’s talks and demonstrations, to setting up the lighting, and so much more… it was a lot of work, and it was very, very well done. Congratulations to everyone at GMRHG!

Thanks to the artists whose rugs are pictured. Their designs are their own and so protected, and used here with permission.

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