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The fascination is in the details…

img_3118 Anne Cox

As I walked around the Green Mountain Guild’s rug exhibit, it was pretty easy to find interest in every rug on display. There were so many rugs that I would look at for a while, and one detail would really fascinate me. Here: the brightly colored flower rug, with that black-and-white inner border that made the whole thing sing. There: a landscape that had one white row of loops outlining the mountaintops, which added so much depth! And there were many rugs that had numerous small details to notice and ponder, throughout the hooked piece. They fell, for me, into the category of “the more you looked, the more you saw” rugs.

Above is one of them, by Anne Cox, of Tenants Harbor, Maine. It’s called “Heating With Wood”. Anne wrote that her inspiration for this design of hers was her wood pile. Once you look at the whole thing, notice the four trees in the corners. Look at how she portrayed the sun, surrounding the wood and trees, in her outer border.

And of course you will see the stacked wood in the center, and the fires it warms us with.

I was fascinated by the layers of internal borders Anne used, and the non-symmetrical lines they form. What do the blue lines symbolize? I don’t know, but they certainly add to the fascination of seeing and contemplating this rug.

Here is another rug by Anne, called “Coriolus”:

img_3120 Anne Cox

The center of the rug, Anne wrote, is a coriolus fungus on an old birch stump, and lichens grow toward the edges. Look at the way she surrounded the fungus in the center, with layers of border-like frames. Just take a minute to look at the details here… and her color palette:

img_3121 Anne Cox

With all its non-symmetrical elements, I would say this design is completely in balance. What a gift, to do that and have it look so effortless! It’s a beautiful rug interpreting the designs in nature.

And I am pleased to say that this rug, “Coriolus” was one of the ten Viewers’ Choice winners! For a look at all the Viewers’ Choice award winners, go to gmrhg.org in a few days – I’m sure they will be posted soon. In the meantime, congratulations to Anne Cox, Dana Psoinas, Emmy Robertson, Liz Guth, Barbie Beck-Wilczek, Sandra Grant, Nancy Thun, Reggie Price… and for that matter, all the rughookers who entered their rugs in the exhibit.

Thanks so much to Anne Cox for permission to share these rugs with you. These are her designs, and copyrighted… so to protect her creativity, please don’t pin, post, copy or paste them without the artist’s permission.


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