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Hooked Angels


Well, the other day I mentioned I had not seen many hooked rugs featuring angels. Happily, I added “maybe I have missed them”, because once I started searching around for angel designs, I found a lot of them! Above, you can see the charming angel rug hooked by blogreader Sylvia Doiron, of Barnstable, Mass.

Sylvia kindly sent me this photo in response to my angel blog post, and added that she’d be glad to share it. “It’s a DiFranza Design pattern. Angela Foote was my teacher. Best wishes to you all for the holidays.” Thanks, Sylvia, for showing it to us – it is great!

And of course, angel rugs don’t have to be just about Christmas. Here is a lovely “Welcome Angel”, designed by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios, and hooked by her student Sandy Denarski:


Kris wrote, “It was especially designed for a workshop in New Jersey that Sandy and her group hosted. They all hooked the same angel pattern and learned several different rug hooking techniques during the workshop. Each and every angel came out different and it was a delight to see how everyone did their own interpretation.”

I can see how each person hooking this design could really make it their own. It also seems likely that many people could start with the idea of an angel and draw out their own design – it would be your angel, your way. And if you look through the history of art, angels definitely are portrayed in all shapes and sizes.

The two angel rugs we’ve seen so far have been in the primitive tradition, but here is one from Sunnie Andress, of Old Crow Farm, in Vancouver, WA, in medieval style:


Beautiful! Sunnie kindly shared the story behind this lovely rug of hers. She said,
“It is my adaptation of part of a small drawing from this (medieval) time period.
When my husband was having surgery for a malignant brain tumor, I took this rug to the hospital and worked on it in the hours of waiting. I found that other people waiting for word of their loved ones in surgery seemed to enjoy this design and the quiet, repetitive act of hooking. I know it helped me.
The surgery gave Joe an extra year of life and we appreciated that so much.”

Who would deny the power of angels?

And one last example of angels’ presence in hooked rugs comes from Angela Jones, of Breezy Ridge Rugs, in Raywick, Kentucky. It is called “Rughooking Angel”:


Angela worked in a hook, punch needle, scissors, even a wool cutter, a sheep, and the creating hooker’s hands! It looks like a fun rug to hook, doesn’t it?

Sylvia’s angel pattern from DiFranza Designs is available at www.difranzadesigns.com, and Kris Miller’s Welcome Angel is available at www.spruceridgestudios.com. Sunnie’s designs are available online at www.oldcrowfarmhooked-rugs.com, and Angela’s pattern of the rughooker’s angel, along with several other angel patterns, is available at www.breezyridgerugs.com.

All these patterns are copyrighted works of the designer’s art, and used here with the designer’s or hooker’s kind permission. So if you feel the need of a special angel in your life, as we head into this new year of 2017, you have the power to make it happen! Happy New Year!


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