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I’ve just sketched out a primitive cat design for my next project, so was pleased to find two nice antique cat rugs for sale at recent auctions. Above, you can see Lot 1724 from the Jeffrey S. Evans Auctioneers sale on February 18, in Mt. Crawford, VA. Here is the description:
AMERICAN FOLK ART PICTORIAL HOOKED RUG, design featuring a reclining cat on a checkered floor. Professionally mounted for hanging. Dimensions: 22 1/2″ x 33″.
Date: Second quarter 20th century. The sale estimate was $100-$150, but I could not find what the final price was.

And here is another great antique cat rug that was sold at Thomaston Place Auction Gallery, Thomaston, Maine, on Feb. 12th. It was Lot 501:

The description for this sweet “Spooky” rug was:
Description: HOOKED RUG OF BLACK CAT Stretched and Mounted Hooked Rug with portrait of black cat named “Spooky”, initialed “ATS” and dated ’81, unframed, 17″ x 22″ overall, very good condition. Estimate:$400-$600.

The final sale price for this rug was $500. And beyond the charm of the rug itself, I was interested in these two other photos of the rug:

It really looks like the rug had no binding, or even hemmed edges at all – the backing was just stretched onto a frame and stapled.

I really loved both of these! Now I will show you the design I (quickly) drew onto linen for myself. I wanted a “Ruby In The Garden” design, something to just play with. I drew it out freehand onto the linen, so you can see a few “mistake” lines that I will correct as I hook:

Why did I do this design? 1. I just am finishing the border of my big hit or miss, and wanted to do something that I can just play with. I suspect I will change the flowers and other details as I go, and maybe add a few more. 2. I got three pieces of different neutral-color wool that I know will make a good swirly background for a primitive style rug, and want to use them! 3. You can never have enough kitty rugs. 4. As I finish one rug, I start getting nervous about what my next project will be, and the need to know what will be “next” starts pressing on me. Now that I have this to go onto, I can finish the border of my hit or miss in peace!

Hook on, whatever you are working on!

Antique rug photos are courtesy of the auction houses, both of which can be found online. Jeffrey S. Evans Auctioneer is online at www.jeffreysevans.com, and Thomaston Place Auction Gallery is at www.thomastonauction.com.


  • jeni nunnally says:

    I love cat rugs also. Think I have done at least 5 – all inspired by the cat we were happy to give room and board to for 16+ years. Now, after two years without a kitty, we have adopted a new cat. I suspect there is another cat rug in my near future.

    • mjanep says:

      A new kitty? Congratulations to you and to your new cat for cleverly finding a good new home! Will hope to see the rug before too long! How exciting!

  • Karen Cooper says:

    I love your “Ruby” design – especially the first flower to the right – how it mimics Ruby’s curved back and angle of her head. Nice job!

    • mjanep says:

      Thank you Karen! I was a bit embarrassed to post it, because of all the “mistake lines” so your comment really cheered me up!

  • Teddi Pearson says:

    I love kitty cat rugs, too! And I love the adorable design for Ruby in the Garden! Have fun hooking it – it looks like it will be a lot of fun to hook! See you on Star Island in September I hope.

  • Beverly White says:

    Thank you for sharing your version of a folk art kitty rug. I may have to attempt to draw my own of my granddaughters kitty.

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