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Simple, repeating, captivating.

By August 27, 2017 Antique rugs, Textiles 3 Comments

From time to time, I stop by the Nazmiyal Antique Rugs collection, just to see rugs from all different cultures – Moroccan, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Ottoman, Chinese, Berber, Persian, and many more. But today I found this rug, pictured above, in their gallery of antique hooked rugs. Just had to show it to you!

It is hand-hooked, and huge – 8’7″ in x 12′ 6″ – so must have been years in the making. It’s dated to be “early 20th century”. Not only is the overall design captivating, but look at how there are hit-or-miss borders in a basketweave pattern to the squares, and the inside of the squares are solid color! Just the opposite of the hit-or-miss rugs I have seen or made myself. It really becomes three-dimensional once you look at it for a little while.

Here is the online description:

Beautiful and Early Antique American Hooked Rug, Country of Origin: American, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – Ingenious in its style, color and composition, this spectacular antique American hooked rug features a splendid allover pattern that creates an illusion of depth and texture. The beautiful basket-weave pattern with its poly-chromatic stripes follows a strict under-over form that sets it apart from the monochromatic and subtly variegated squares featured in the background. Like a patchwork quilt that incorporates innumerable colors and prints, this stunning antique hooked rug is a joy to behold. The varied earth-tone hues are juxtaposed beautifully against the vivid pink, vermillion and turquoise accent colors that are set between the basket-weave stripes. This outstanding antique rug, an American hooked carpet illustrates the amazing versatility of a simple geometric repeating pattern, which is executed in a way that is full of color, texture and visual appeal.

I do love this rug, and it has given me ideas! And I also got a kick out of our “hit or miss” being referred to as “poly-chromatic stripes”. We’ll have to remember that! And isn’t it lucky that I don’t have a place for this large rug in my house – its price is $24,000.

Photo is courtesy of the Nazyimal Collection, online at www.nazyimalantiquerugs.com. You can go straight to their hooked rug gallery here, but I do encourage you to browse around in their collection to see many beautiful examples of rugs and carpets from around the world and throughout history. It is enough to make one dizzy with inspiration.

If you get Rug Hooking Magazine, look for my first published article (whee!) in the new issue, on making hit or miss rugs. I must say, seeing this rug is quite humbling!


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