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Serendipity and a new friend…

By June 21, 2018 Art, Color, Composition 10 Comments

Let’s just call it serendipity. I have still been struggling to put creative words to paper (ok, to blog post) with recent current events having a jarring and debilitating effect. But yesterday I thought I could try to find another in my series of paintings showing women absorbed in some kind of needlework. It’s been a while since I posted one. So I started searching around for something new – just to send greetings and something interesting to you all…

Through the marvels of the internet, and one link leading to another, I somehow came across this painting, above, by Ugo de Cesare. What a wonderful work of art!

Look how the hard, square lines of the piano, the music sheet and the back of the little girl’s chair set off all the rest – everything else is curved, soft, and rounded.

Look at how the two girls (surely sisters?) are arranged to form a rough triangle on the canvas. And the focus of both girls’s attention is so interesting. The older girl is so concentrated on her needlework, while the younger one is so focussed on her big sister. Having three older sisters myself, I remember well looking on at their accomplishments, watching the things they could do well that I was still a beginner at. So as well as admiring the painting, I found something quite true in the relationship between these two girls. Lovely! It is oil on canvas, and titled Music and Embroidery.

So I looked up Ugo de Cesare, and was expecting to find something like “Italian painter, 1835-1900”. Well, I was right about the “Italian painter”, but he was born in the same year I was, 1950. He is our contemporary, and lives close to Naples, Italy.

An online bio for de Cesare says “Ugo de Cesare, Italian painter, was born in a small village near Florence. He studied at the Academy of Naples and Florence, and originally wanted to become an art teacher. To get his degree, he had to create an oil painting, which created such a sensation that he was awarded his degree with distinction.“

There is something so classicly beautiful about his work, and for me, there is an emotionality that shines through. Here is another oil painting by de Cesare that I liked just as much as the first one, titled In The Garden.

Are these the same two girls? I wonder if Ugo has sisters? Look at the embroiderer’s blouse, and all the subtle color shading that have gone into painting this “white blouse”. And if you look at the girl’s hat, and how it shades her face, you can determine just where the light is coming from. And that foliage background! Wouldn’t you be pleased to get that effect in a background?

And the nicest part of coming across this wonderful artwork? Ugo is on Facebook! I contacted him (in English) asking for permission to show his work, and he wrote back quite promptly – in Italian. Thank goodness for Google Translate, but even I could understand his “thumbs up” icon! And later in the day, he even sent several “likes” for my rugs that have shown up on my own facebook page!

Here is one more of Ugo’s works for you, again oil on canvas, titled Friends. Just look at the sunlight and shadows:

So beyond feeling inspired by his wonderful paintings, and being able to thank this living, breathing, talented painter personally for his lovely artwork, tonight the world seems a little smaller, a little less harsh, and a little more friendly.

All images are used with the permission of the artist – “Ciao Maria. Grazie per gli apprezzamenti per la mia arte. Ti dico già che puoi disporre delle foto di ogni mio.dipinto che ti piace. Buona giornata.”


  • Ginger searle says:

    As usual, Mary Jane, a wonderful blog. What a fabulous artist and such lovely, gentle works of art he has created. Love them. Thank you.

  • SUSIE says:

    What a beautiful posting..Beautiful peaceful paintings.

  • Deb says:

    Lovely, Mary Jane. A bit of piece in a disturbing time. Thanks for the diversion and moment of calm.

  • Ivi says:

    Another lovely post Mary Jane, both the pictures and the text. Your blogs lighten my heart in these woeful times. Thank you and
    Hook on,

  • Lin says:

    These paintings are just grand! Thank you so much for sharing. They put sunshine in my day…

  • Karen Cooper says:

    Mary Jane, you have done it again – tears in my eyes. I love Ugo’s art and am delighted that you reached out to him, I am sure he is as well. Kudos, Karen

  • Linda Beaulieu says:

    Thank you for following up on this one. Lovely work and very inspiring. LHB

  • Jeni says:

    And now you have a new friend as well. Thanks for this post. Enjoyed so much.

  • cathy says:

    Mary Jane How lovely these pieces are! I am with you we need a little peace and a little space and time for some quiet gentleness.
    how exciting you have made contact with this painter.

  • Sheila Kilgore says:

    Fabulous commentaries and oil paintings. Thanks for your inspiration.

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