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Happy Thanksgiving!

By November 20, 2018 Antique rugs, Making rugs 7 Comments

Well, it’s been a while, but our Tuesday rug group was cancelled, so I am officially snowed in, and happy to not have to go anywhere! Let’s look at a few hooked rugs that are in the auction sales these days!

Above, you see a nice old rug, going on sale this Saturday (Nov. 24, 12 pm) at Copake Auctions in Copake, NY. This old-fashioned snow scene is Lot 62, Description: C. 1900’s winter farm scene hooked rug. 28″ x 40″.

Here is a charming rug that made me smile:

Thanksgiving is on my mind, and when I saw it, I thought “Great folk art turkey!” but the label from Kensington Estate Auctions, in Clintondale, NY, says Lot 150: American Folk Art Pictorial Hooked Rug PEACOCK. There’s no other info on who, where or when, so maybe they just decided it was a peacock! At any rate, it’ll be auctioned on Dec. 3 (7pm) and the estimated price is $200-$400.

Here is another rug from the same Nov. 24th Copake sale, Description: Hooked rug, Currier and Ives Scene. 23″ x 37″., this one is Lot 205, and the estimated price is $50-$100:

A friend of mine is hooking a different Currier and Ives snow scene, and to me, it looks really, really hard! Not only because of all the shadings of the snow, but making snow on bare branches look right, and trying to get the blue tint to everything that was so characteristic of many of these classic snow pictorials.

OK, here is one more from the same Copake sale:

This is Lot 60, and the estimated price is $75-$100. Description: C. 1900 floral hooked rug. 30 1/2″ x 50″. While it looks a little primitive compared to the very fine shading in many flower and scroll rugs we see today, someone put a lot of work into this, and the colors, to me, just say “Thanksgiving”.

So what have I been up to? Well for those who did not get to the Hooked In The Mountains exhibit so beautifully organized and hung by the Green Mountain Rughooking Guild, here is my Jenny Tornado rug. You can’t truly welcome a new kitty to the family until you have a rug of them:

And just this week, I finished this rug for a wedding present, for my niece Leah and her new husband Mark:

It is, of course, the traditional Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern. After studying a lot of photos of this pattern, I cut out my own circular template from a piece of cardboard, using a dinner plate and salad plate, and just went from there. As soon as I post this blog entry, I will go steam it!

From my house, with all of us inside as the snow is steadily falling, to you and your families, whether traveling or at home, a very happy Thanksgiving to you!


  • Stephanie says:

    I didn’t even put it together that it was yours. That Jenny Tornado rug was one of my absolute favorites!

    • mjanep says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! My wordpress software was having hiccups today, left out the first photo, and I had another sentence about this Jenny rug of mine, saying I adapted it from the “Posey Cat” pattern by Patsy Becker. Somehow I must not have “saved” after writing that, and felt bad that got left out!

  • Kathy O'Donnell says:

    Mary Jane your description of being snowed in makes me remember how much I loved those days but I’m adjusting well to warm sunny winter holidays! The newlyweds are very lucky to receive such a beautiful gift.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Ivi says:

    Mary Jane it is so good to see you post. I love cat rugs, my very first rug was of my cats. However, I am totally taken with your wedding ring rug. What ever you used for the background mimics quilting really well. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • jeni says:

    Mary Jane, hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving. Since it was just ‘us,’ my husband made his spectacular Bobby Flay meatloaf, full of sweet peppers and summer squash. It was a quiet, cozy day and we know how lucky we are. (among other things we didn’t have to make a big turkey) I loved your post. I look forward to seeing what comes up at auction and the ridiculous prices they bring and love your ‘Jenny rug’ It looks like it could be an antique. And you know how I love geometrics! You really have been hooking up a storm!

  • cathy Dupuis says:

    oh your wedding ring rug came out wonderful! your niece will love it. I would spent 100 on that Currier and Ives rug so much work.
    hope your thanksgiving was a great one.

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